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Who are the SKUMRiders?

Right now we are a small yet select group of really " UGLY " motorcycle riders from Kentucky. As a matter of fact, currently there
are only two of us ugly enough to qualify for the group; Gary Huffman, a.k.a. 1UGLY, and Charlie Hoback, a.k.a. 2UGLY and
2UGLY2.  The "UGLY" names are also the license plate numbers and names that we have bestowed upon our beloved BMW GS
motorcycles. They are in chronological order, a red/white 1990 R100 GS PD ( 2UGLY ), a  teal/black 1992 R100 GS PD ( 1UGLY )
and a black 2004 R1150 GS Adventure ( 2UGLY2 ).

Why SKUMRiders ?

Purely evolutionary in nature. Like mutated DNA, SKUMRiders evolved from the seed established in South Carolina during 1980s.
A wonderful group of riders and life long friends became the notorious " SCUM " ( South Carolina Unorganized Motorcyclists ).
Known far and wide for their epic motorcycle journeys and propensity to party at the drop of a hat, the SCUM group embodied all
that any group of motorcycling friends could ever hope for. Mark and Sue Atria and Dick and Mary Chambers were the glue that
bound us all together. They were the nucleus of our being. They managed to attract a diverse group of  riders who became
immediate friends and who may never have met in life, had it not been for their positive influence on each and everyone of us. We
salute our founding fathers !

Now, back together in Kentucky again, it was time to form another alliance. Gary and I put our heads together over a couple of
Kentucky Ales and a pot of brown beans with fried cornbread . After much thought and "acronymistic revelation" .... we came up
with the perfect group name that would embody all of SCUM's positivity and yet educe a fresh quality which encompassed the
already UGLY nature of the charter members of the new Kentucky group. Like a wonderful recipe, you take a dash of SCUM, a
scoop of Kentucky, a pinch of UGLY.....blend for 1 microsecond and what do you get?  SKUMRiders of course !

And now you know !
the SCUM Motto " Eat to Ride ...... Ride to Eat "
the SKUMRiders Motto " Ride Hard .... Eat Fast ..... The Journey's the Thing ! "
The " ever sacred " ... Ugly Ritual .......and now you know why it's called that !